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PIPER software, child model, documentation

Here are links to the latest Piper tool and model (Use 7zip to extract the 7z archives).

Piper software:

Piper child model (version 1.0.0):

  • The PIPER child model. Available under the GPLv3 +liability and open science clauses. The last public document is a manuscript written for the Conference on the Protection of children in Cars end of 2016. The pdf is available here. There are a few evolutions.
  • The pedestrian version. Under the same license and derived from the occupant. v1.0.2 with minor update on mass and instrumentation (Thanks PDB for the contribution!)
  • The pedestrian version in Pamcrash. Under the same license and derived from the occupant. (Thanks PDB and ATD Models for the contribution!)
  • The occupant Radioss version. Derived from the occupant Ls-dyna version (under the same license). Thanks to Altair for the contribution. It is provided with metadata to import into the PIPER software (warning: there seems to be an issue with bone collisions in the preposition module).


Older versions:

Other downloads on the gitlab

Besides the software and the child model, the Git repository ( also provides:

  • some anthropo models (to be used with scalable constraints)
  • a reference geometrical model (see also data below)
  • vehicle environments (including generic child restraint systems released by VFSB. Thank you)

Note on metadata

Many questions right now are related to the use of the software with commercial models (e.g. Thums, GHBMC). We are currently still discussing with the model owners on the best way to make available the metadata for these. In the meantime, we cannot provide metadata examples for these models. Some metadata are provided (in particular for the GHBMC models) or available from third parties.

You can now find more info on the Metadata page.


The project also decided to release most data generated or formatted during the project. Please see the files for documentation (license, source, …). A list is provided below:

  • Partial skeletal segmentations:
  • Other datasets
    • Lower Limb Bony Landmarks derived from the raw measurements of the data from Thomas M. Kepple, H.J. Sommer III, Karen Lohmann Siegel, Steven J. Stanhope. (1998) A three-dimensional musculoskeletal database for the lower extremities. Journal of Biomechanics 31 77—80. Formatted for PIPER.
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