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Table of Contents is the home of the PIPER framework and the PIPER Child model (among others). It is an Open Source project started at the end of the EC Funded Piper Project. It aims to federate the efforts around these tools and model.


The project aims to promote the use of human body models to improve transportation safety:

  • By developing and making widely available tools facilitating their use and their reproducibility
  • By increasing their ease of use, making available missing tools/models (e.g. child)
  • By encouraging contributions for the emergence of common practices, maintenance solutions and evolutions through an academic and industrial user communities
  • By helping to harmonize practices though openness

Its core values are:

  • Open Science and Open Source, as a mean to secure access (without time limitation) to tools needed to improve safety and to share the required efforts (no need to develop your own)
  • Trying to be inclusive and account for existing models, codes and practices (model, code/vendor agnostic solution)


In the short term, the project will work on the continuation of the efforts initiated in the EC Funded Piper Project. Specific developments should include among others:

  • for the tools: additional documentation and tutorials (in particular to help building metadata for models which are not currently supported), additional workflows and evaluation of the performance, the inclusion of more a priori knowledge to drive the human body model scaling or positioning, …
  • for the child models: a continuation of the validation effort and the inclusion of metrics such as CORA, and the preparation of work on the injury prediction capability.


As an Open Source project, all contributions are welcomed. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to the tools or model.

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