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The PIPER scalable Human Body Model

Human body Finite element models have the potential to provide significant insight into the paediatric response to impact. However, child models are by far less common and less advanced than their adult counterpart. Within the PIPER project, a new child model (PIPER Child model) that aims to be continuously scalable between at least 1.5 and 6 years of age was developed in the Ls-Dyna3D finite element code.

The model is continuously scalable using Gebod derived data for anthropometry and Kriging interpolation. Material properties can also be scaled (experimental). The scaling can easily be performed using the PIPER framework. The model response was checked against most existing sources for child biomechanical response to impact.

Both model and all response verification are released under an Open Source licenses (Model: GPLv3 +liability and Open Science clauses, response setups: Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0).

Selecting this license and providing and the setups used to check the response of the model is hoped to help reproducibility of simulation processes.

Additional contributions by third parties include the conversion to a pedestrian model in Ls-Dyna (PDB), its translation into Pamcrash (pedestrian version, PDB) and its translation to Radioss (occupant model, Altair).

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