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PIPER 1.0.1

A new release of the PIPER software (version 1.0.1) for Windows is available in the downloads section. It addresses several bugs in the Contour, Scaling Constraints and Anthropometry modules. The changes are summarized in the changelog, which you can find on the gitlab repository.

Public web release

After more than three years of development, the team of the PIPER European project is happy to announce the public release (version 1.0.0) of the PIPER software framework and the PIPER scalable child model. They are both released under Open Source licenses (see license files for details) and can be freely used by all, whether academic or commercial users.

The PIPER software can be used to help scale and position Human Body Models for impact. It has been tested with several models during the development phase (including some from the GHBMC and THUMS families, and of course the PIPER child model). The PIPER child model is an occupant model. It is scalable through a dedicated module within the PIPER application and its response was thoroughly checked against many experimental datasets from the literature.

They are provided with documentation and a few tutorials. Videos of the final project workshop are also available. A scientific publication process is still ongoing (be kind and do not rush to publish before the authors).

Access links and more info on this website or on the PIPER European project website ( Future updates will be announced on

The PIPER Team.

Edit: 6/6/2016: new in the download section: links to datasets.

Welcome to is an Open Source project following the Open Source deliverables started being published at final workshop on April 25, 2017 in Paris.

There were many participants from leading industrial and academic institutions at the workshop (Thanks for coming). As requested by some who could not attend, videos (including talks, demos) of the workshop are coming soon. In the meantime, you can already download the slides shown at the event.

Please come back as we will update frequently this page in the upcoming weeks…

Some of the PIPER team and EC Project Officer at the end of the workshop

Note: small bug in workshop version

It was brought to our attention that there was an error running the anthropometric predictor with the version delivered on USB. It was due to an incoherence between the Octave statistics toolbox provided with the package and the package description. As a quick fix (before we open the gitlab to the public and provide an updated binary version to all with many other bugfixes) replace the file template_octave_packages in the octave/share/octave directory by the one at the following link ( and it should work. Thanks

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