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Public web release imminent

A lots of people have asked about it… and a few groups have already started using the workshop release. So to provide the info to all, the release is now imminent. It should be before Tuesday, June 26.

There will be:

  • an updated version of the software (v1.0.0)
  • The child model (unchanged since the workshop)
  • a wiki
  • youtube videos
  • environment models (including generic child restraint systems released by VFSB in Germany)

Many questions right now are related to the use of the software with commercial models. We are currently still discussing with the model owners on the best way to make available the metadata for these.

Welcome to is an Open Source project following the Open Source deliverables started being published at final workshop on April 25, 2017 in Paris.

There were many participants from leading industrial and academic institutions at the workshop (Thanks for coming). As requested by some who could not attend, videos (including talks, demos) of the workshop are coming soon. In the meantime, you can already download the slides shown at the event.

Please come back as we will update frequently this page in the upcoming weeks…

Some of the PIPER team and EC Project Officer at the end of the workshop

Note: small bug in workshop version

It was brought to our attention that there was an error running the anthropometric predictor with the version delivered on USB. It was due to an incoherence between the Octave statistics toolbox provided with the package and the package description. As a quick fix (before we open the gitlab to the public and provide an updated binary version to all with many other bugfixes) replace the file template_octave_packages in the octave/share/octave directory by the one at the following link ( and it should work. Thanks

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