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 +===== PIPER 1.1.0 =====
 +A new release of the PIPER software (version 1.1.0) is available. A compiled Windows version is available in the [[downloads|Downloads]] section.
-===== Metadata =====+It introduces several improvements and new features for the Kriging module, such as homogeneous decimation of control points, experimental mesh-to-mesh registration tool to ease generating control points, cleaner user interface and others. 
 +Other changes include improved "​element quality"​ tool user interface, additional selection tools and camera controls and some bug fixes. 
 +Additionally,​ a format rules file for the Radioss FE solver is now provided (written by Altair). The format rule is written using a new feature of the Piper'​s parser: regular expression keywords. They allow to specify more complex rules, including keywords that are defined by a variable parameter on the same line as the keyword itself. You can find more details in the documentation in the "Multi Finite Element Format Parser"​ section. 
 +All changes are summarized in the [[https://​​piper/​application/​-/​blob/​8ffa845ea3855da67b34b791f8f3458177ff534e/​|changelog]]. 
 +===== PIPER 1.0.3 ===== 
 +New version of the PIPER software. 
 +You can download it in the [[downloads|Downloads]] section.  
 +It should solve some issues with the child model scaling and a few others, adds batch mode for Kriging. See the [[https://​​piper/​application/​blob/​d021f5982273d3a56f81659e31c19e69910e2cd2/​|changelog]] for full list of changes. 
 +===== Metadata GHBMC M50-O v5.0 ===== 
 +Metadata provided by PIPER for the GHBMC-M50-O were updated to the v5.0 of the model. 
 +Download them in the [[metadata|Metadata]] section. 
 +===== PIPER Child Pedestrian model in Pamcrash ===== 
 +A Pamcrash version of the pedestrian model was just released in a Pamcrash version. 
 +Thanks to PDB and ATD Models for the work! 
 +You can download it in the [[downloads|Downloads]] section. (2019-09-09) 
 +===== Metadata ​GHBMC M50-O v4.5 =====
 Metadata provided by PIPER for the GHBMC-M50-O were updated to the v4.5 of the model. Metadata provided by PIPER for the GHBMC-M50-O were updated to the v4.5 of the model.
 Download them in the [[metadata|Metadata]] section. Download them in the [[metadata|Metadata]] section.
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